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Cold Drinks, Shakes & Smoothies

Hot Drinks

Espresso Drinks

Served Hot and Iced, we offer real Espresso Drinks. Upon your request, we can
include an Extra Shot ( 25 b.), Vanilla Flavor ( 20 b.), Soy Milk ( 25 b.)



Try May’s fabulous Muesli made of roasted Coconut, Peanuts, Oats and Raisins.

Thai Cuisine

Eggs with Toast


If you wish, we can add Cheese ( 25b.), Bacon or Ham ( 30b.), Mushrooms ( 25b.) or Fried Egg ( 20b.)



Served with May’s Homemade Sala. Choose your meat: Chicken / Beef

Huge Salads

Served with Vinaigrette Dressing and Fruit. Add Cheese to your Salad for 25b.


Served Toasted on Cohoice of Bread with Fruit. Free Extras: Onion, Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato added to Sandwich (no charge).

Add Cheese if not included: 25 b.

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